Below is a list of the breeders who have
joined together to create this website.

Even though the following are listed as breeders, they may not have puppies available immediately or any time in the foreseeable future. If they do not respond to your inquiry, please understand that the sheer volume of calls and e-mails can be overwhelming -- sometimes 5 or 10 a day.  If a breeder doesn't contact you within a reasonable amount of time, please assume that they don't have any puppies available right now.

Do not be in a hurry.  If getting a Golden, any Golden, RIGHT NOW, is foremost in your plans, then you are not serious and will get what you ask for -- just any Golden.

While all of the following breeders are members in good standing of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club, and are all members in good standing of  the Golden Retriever Club of America, we individually, do not accept responsibility for any other breeder other than ourselves, and are not responsible for, nor will we get involved in any disputes whatsoever.

If these breeders don't have puppies available immediately, they might be able to refer you to someone who does.  They will also be able to tell you when they might be planning to breed.  Develop a rapport with them and get on their waiting list.  A quality Golden Retriever is well worth waiting for!

This is a privately-owned web site and not under the authority or auspices of any organization, and as such, participation on this web site is strictly at the discretion of the web site owner and the other breeders listed herein.

These breeders are listed in alphabetical order. Breeders with web sites are linked.  Breeders without web sites have a link to their email.

UPDATED:  1/14/2020

Amore Goldens
Michael Ball
Denton, Texas

Bravo Golden Retrievers
Mark & Judy Word
Rockwall, Texas

Camlin Golden Retrievers
Nancy & Sean Crowley
Parker, Texas

Denali Golden Retrievers
Laurie & Roger Long
Dallas, Texas



Elk Creek Golden Retrievers

Teresa and Clancy McKenna

Richardson, TX

Gold-Sun Goldens
Debbie Allen
Royce City, Texas

Kingdom Golden Retrievers
Holly & Ross King
Fort Worth, Texas

Razzle Golden Retrievers
Cathy Meddaugh
Arlington, TX

Regatta Golden Retrievers
Donna Gulledge
Dallas, Texas



Topspin Golden Retrievers
Kendra & Benjamin Johnson
Oak Point, Texas
(East of Denton)


Wingtip Goldens

Fred & Janie Jury

Plano, TX

Wyndance Goldens
Cindi Williams
Frisco, TX

Wyndehills Goldens
Debbie Littleton
Flower Mound, Texas


The people who are associated with this web site, strongly recommend that you buy a Golden Retriever puppy only from a reputable breeder who, as a minimum,  provides copies of hip, elbow, eye, and cardiac health clearances for both sire and dam of the litter. The articles and links on this site should provide you with information about those clearances and other important information about the Golden Retriever and types of breeders to look for. We encourage puppy/dog buyers to thoroughly evaluate health and temperament of any puppies/dogs offered for sale or placement.

A reputable breeder will give you a copy of hip, eye, and heart clearances on both the sire and dam of their litters.  Information on health clearances can be found here.

ASK FOR A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATES ON BOTH THE SIRE AND THE DAM.  DO NOT accept a report from a veterinarian. 

The maker / keeper of this web site and all breeders listed herein, take no responsibility whatsoever for any puppies/dogs that you may acquire through this web site.  The maker / keeper of this web site and all breeders listed herein (other than the breeder from whom you acquire a puppy or dog) are not responsible for any breeder’s sale practices and sales contracts, nor will the maker / keeper of this web site or any breeders listed herein (other than the breeder from whom you acquire a puppy or dog) be involved in any manner in contract disputes between puppy buyers and breeders. Availability of puppies and conditions of sale are at the sole discretion of the individual breeder. Buyers are encouraged to take as much time as necessary to locate a reputable breeder from whom they feel comfortable purchasing a puppy, and to investigate breeders and their puppies thoroughly before committing to a purchase. You are not obligated to purchase a puppy from the breeders listed herein.

BUYER BEWARE!  Protect  yourself. 

This site is © Copyright DFW Golden Retriever Breeders,
Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, All Rights Reserved.

This is a privately-owned web site and not under the authority or auspices
of any organization, and as such, participation on this web site is strictly
at the discretion of  the web site owner and other breeders listed herein. 

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