The History of Golden Retrievers

      Starting in the early 1800ís Golden Retrievers were used for hunting.  Golden Retrievers became popular at the end of the 19th century in England.  The first Golden Retriever won a field game in 1904.  A Field Game  is an obstacle course or game that challenges a dog in many ways.

    Golden Retrievers were first shown in the Crystal Palace in England  Some travelers took Goldens over to America.  The Golden Retrievers were first seen in America in the 1890ís.  Today, Golden Retrievers are successful in field trials, hunting, obedience, companions for the blind, and they serve as great pets.

Golden Retrieverís Coat

     The typical coat of a Golden Retriever is  a rich golden color.  This rich golden color can vary from a light yellow to a burnt sienna red which is a rusty-red color. The golden color comes in many shades and every shade is beautiful.  Golden Retrievers are good for hunting because the fur is water repellent and is neither dense nor silky, they are  good dogs for rough conditions.

    Golden Retrievers shed!  Make no mistake about it.  If you are not prepared to vacuum hair off your floor, furniture, and clothing, it might be a good idea to check out a different breed.  There is no "shedding" season... they shed all year long.  However, a daily quick brushing will help lessen the amount of hair, but nothing will eliminate it altogether. 


    Golden Retrievers are friendly, reliable and trustworthy.  They aren't usually shy or nervous.  They are lovers of people and other dogs.  One of the greatest things about owning a Golden Retriever is having it be nice with kids.  A mature Golden knows not to play too hard with kids.  As a child and its Golden grow up, they create a special bond.  This is very beneficial for the child.  Even though Golden Retrievers love children, kids need to know that if they scare any dog it might snap at them.

    A Golden Retriever puppy may not be the best choice for families with small (under 5-6 years old) children.  Goldens are friendly and gregarious and will jump on you just to show how much they love you, especially when you come home from being gone for a while.  Of course, training can alleviate this problem, but until that training is complete, the puppy/young dog will jump on you.  Jumping on a small child is usually not acceptable in most families.  A lot of breeders refuse to sell puppies to families with small children because when the puppy knocks the baby down, the baby cries, and the puppy gets put in the backyard indefinitely.  That's when the problems start... the puppy gets bored, starts to chew, dig, jump over the fence, etc.  The dog is deemed a "problem" and a lot of times ends up at a shelter or rescue.  If you are not prepared to let the Golden live with your family, please consider a different, more independent breed. 

     Golden Retrievers are just that -- retrievers!  So, don't be surprised if your Golden retrieves everything... dirty laundry, remote controls, shoes... anything that's not put up.  You can look at it as a great way to be forced to become a very tidy housekeeper, or it can make you crazy.  Decide which way your family would lean.  Sometimes that retrieved article comes back in not-so-good shape, like destroyed.  Some Goldens are worse than others about this.  Goldens usually outgrow the chewing/ destroying phase as they get older. 

     Additionally, Golden Retrievers are NOT watch dogs, or at least, not protective watch dogs.   They will bark to let you know an intruder is outside... or that the wind is blowing, or a kid on a bicycle just went by.  But as far as protecting you from such an intruder, don't count on it.  They will want to play with him and be his new best friend.  Some Goldens are barkers and some are not.  Depends on the individual dog.

Itís Your Responsibility

   Each year millions of dogs are committed to shelters because there are few good homes.  As a dog owner you are responsible for all aspects of your dog's life.  Getting a dog is a big commitment, especially  Golden Retrievers. They always need lots of exercise because they love to be active.  Since their origin came from hunting, they need at least 1 hour of exercise a day.

     NOW... if you've read all the bad things about Golden Retrievers, the most important thing is this -- A Golden Retriever will bring joy and love into your home.  There is nothing sweeter than a golden retriever loping across the yard with a big smile on its face bringing you it's beloved tennis ball to throw, and throw, and throw....  Then later, that same goofy Golden will want to lay with its head in your lap while you watch TV.  There's nothing sweeter. 

BUT BEWARE -- Goldens are addictive!  Kind of like potato chips -- bet cha can't have just one!


Here is a site with more information about living with a Golden Retriever:



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